Imagine your thirty second video commercial (they're called 'Spots') running on more than forty Cable TV Channels.

Think you can't afford it?  Think again. Spots can run as little as a buck. No kidding.

Plus, Cable TV offers you something that 'network' TV cannot...actually, two things:

1. Real 'Geographic' targeting. I don't mean 'waste' by advertising across a state or two states & paying to try to 'reach' prospects who won't be purhasing from you because of distance. I mean geographic targeting by 'Cable Zone', around the block, around the county from your location: I mean you only pay for what you need.

2. Real 'Demographic' targeting. Let's face it: a network channel attracts only those who wish to watch one show at a time, right? When you spread your message across a broad choices of channels, (like HGTV, FoxNews, CNN, Food Channel, ESPN, etc.) you have a better chance of reaching MORE of your prospective clients or customers. But think again: with Cable TV, there's enough research to know 'who', 'what age', 'what income', etc. watch 'what show'. 

Watch the video to the right.

K? Then, think about your own house. The average family watches more than 17 Cable TV Networks per week. And how do they watch it? On TV's, yes, but also on laptops & iPads & yes, cell phones too.

And when out of the house? iPads, Phones, Tablets, right? Or at their office PC? How do we know? When 'mobile', they logon to ie: XFINITY.COM or & yes, we can track their usage then too.

Amazing, no?